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With the current economic environment, your dealership may more than likely be seeing a dip or complete halt in walk-in foot traffic for purchases. And although your online inquiries may have increased as more people are online shopping, it more than likely still doesn’t make up for the decrease in overall revenue from new sales. With that being said, now more than ever may be the best time to really drive home your service department and their capabilities to help in these trying times. Here are some tips to do just that: 

  1. Be Creative With many people practicing social distancing and/or stay-at-home orders, coming into a dealership may be the last thing they want to do. Are your technicians willing and able to make house calls? If so, they can practice safe social distancing by taking information over the phone, and then communicating on site at least 6 feet away. The customer doesn’t need to be near your technicians while they work on their Truck and when done, they can easily take payment via mobile purchasing apps & devices such as Square. 
  1. Be Resourceful – Some of your customers may be essential employees such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, grocery store workers, etc., and may not be able to easily drop off their Truck for servicing. And other customers, who just want to practice safe social-distancing, may not want to either. So, offer to do a pick up for repairs. You can greet your customer, at least 6-feet away, at their front door, do a quick hand-off of keys, while wearing gloves, or have them place in a secure location for you, and bring it back to the shop to complete the repairs. When done, your technicians can drop it back off at the customer’s home and/or jobsite. 
  2. Be Informative – Updating your website and virtual marketplace showroom to showcase your service hours and unique service tactics – such as mobile servicing and pickups – will keep your customers informed of the current situation at your dealership. Don’t forget about social media, too! With more customers looking online, especially on social networking sites, getting the word out about your servicing options via social media is a great way to keep your dealership top of mind.
  3. But Be Safe – Be sure that you aren’t putting yourself or your employees health at risk just for the sake of keeping business as usual. Allow those employees in your dealership that can work from home to do so. Adjust store hours and/or employee schedules to ensure a smaller number of employees are working together at a time. Keep a clear record of who is working what days and in what departments. That way if someone does go out sick, you are able to easily isolate those that worked around them. 

There is no doubt that many dealerships will see a drop in revenue over the next few months while the current situation plays out, however, it’s important to try new things to stay top of mind with your customers to mitigate some of these losses. 

As always, we are here to help, too. If you’d like to talk to someone about our complete digital marketing solutions, including online advertising on our marketplaces, dealer websites and social media services, please reach out to marketing@traderinteractive.comor call (800) 684-6104 to contact our teams.


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