COVID-19 List of Relief Information & Resources for Small Businesses and Consumers

COVID-19 List of Relief Information & Resources for Small Businesses and Consumers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a tremendous amount of uncertainty and confusion, in terms of information, resources, and programs designed to help small businesses, dealers, and consumers. Although information evolves and develops, there are myriad resources available at the federal, state, local, and industry levels.

Although no resource is complete or exhaustive, the information collected here is designed to support our dealers and consumer customers, as comprehensively as possible.  The websites are all publicly available and accessible via the web. 

The information organized at the federal, state, and industry resources.

The federal section includes general information highlighted by Small Business Administration resources, Coronavirus facts, and OSHA guidance. The remainder of the federal resource section  contains links to the government’s response, followed by pertinent response information pertaining to: health and safety, travel and transportation, money and taxes, scams and fraud, benefits and grants, communications and  businesses,  

State information contains a link connected to all 50 states, as well as regional information.  Industry information is connected to industry resources and associations related to Trader Interactive marketplace websites.

Federal Resource Information

For information on Small Business visit the following website:

USA Facts about Coronavirus:


Guidance for preparing workplaces for COVID-19 visit:

The US government has a vast array of resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the following website for more information:

Visit these websites for current information from the federal government about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

What is the Federal Government Doing in Response to COVID-19?

Get information from federal agencies on how they’re responding to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Health and Safety

Travel, Immigration, and Transportation

Money and Taxes

Scams and Fraud

Benefits and Grants

National Parks and Regional Utility Information




Comprehensive list of the federal agencies responding to coronavirus (COVID-19).

State Level Resources 

How Are States Responding to COVID-19?

Industry Resource Websites and Links

General industry info:

    • VerticalIQ: industries impacted by COVID-19 (profiles, outlooks, company details)

Dealer information


Commercial Truck



Recreational Vehicle



  • Snowmobile


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