Exposure & Conquesting

Advertising your brand on Commercial Truck Trader gives you access to a massive network of in-market shoppers at all stages of their buying journey.

2.5 Million
Average Monthly Visits1

of visitors earn an annual HHI of >$75,0002

of visitors have no children under 18 in the home2

ON-Site Branding

Beyond making sure dealers are listing your make/models on Commercial Truck Trader, you can take advantage of our massive audience by displaying your brand in a number of locations on our marketplace.


Place your brand directly on the homepage of Commercial Truck Trader’s marketplace to target shoppers at the start of their search.

2. All eyes. All the Time.

As shoppers scroll through listings on our search results page, your brand can be present in a sticky footer at the bottom of the page.

3. Low-Funnel. High Opportunity.

Consumers landing on a Vehicle Detail Page have a higher likelihood to convert. Strike while the iron is hot and reinforce your brand messaging.

4. Conquest OpportunitiEs Abound.

High-funnel shoppers are likely not wed to a specific brand. Target your advertising to these shoppers to convince them why they should shop your make/models.

Off-Site Exposure

Commercial Truck Trader connects with shoppers at all stages of the buying funnel directly in their inbox. Whether they have recently submitted a lead on our site, or have signed up for helpful tips and commercial truck resources, these consumers are actively interested in our emails, and our lists are cleaned often to ensure the highest level of engagement for your brand.

Custom Emails

Reach our entire list of consumers with a custom, co-branded message. Promote an upcoming event, showcase new models, or extend the reach of your campaign.

Reach up to 152k consumers

Custom Drip Campaigns

Reach a highly-targeted audience of in-market consumers with your custom email message based on their search and viewing activity on our site.

Reach up to 30k highly-targeted consumers per month

Other Email OpportunitIes Include

Newsletter Sponsorship
Hot Deals Sponsorship
Email Banner Ads
...And More!

Collaborative Content Opportunites

Commercial Truck Trader’s team of writers are consistently creating relevant and engaging content that inspires current or future Commercial Truck owners to get the most out of their unit and lifestyle. As the manufacturer of their next major investment, this is the perfect opportunity for you to position your brand as the thought leader in the space.

Be Our Guest

Put your content in front of an engaged audience of buyers and enthusiasts with a guest post on one of our blogs. You can provide the content, or partner with our team of writers to help produce. As a courtesy, you’ll also receive a placement in the consumer newsletter and organic promotion on our social accounts.

Sponsored by…You

Our readers are hungry for fresh, relevant, and timely information. Leave your mark and sponsor our content that is relevant to your business – including your logo, company boilerplate, and a link back to your website. To push a little more traffic your way, we’ll also include your sponsored article in our consumer newsletter.

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