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Lead Enrichment
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Lead Enrichment offers dealers insight into potential buyers’ shopping patterns on Commercial Truck Trader. For each individual lead, dealers will receive a real-time email notification with consumer shopping information including:

Time in Market

Price Range

Listings Viewed

Recent Activity

Lead Enrichment data is available to Commercial Truck Trader dealers at no additional cost and allows you to:

  • Understand Shopping Behavior, Interests, and Budget
  • Have Stronger, Tailored Conversations
  • Convert Leads to Sales Faster
  • Track Real-Time Data in TraderTraxx, our industry leading reporting and analytics platform

Watch our 90-second video to learn more about Lead Enrichment and its benefits.

Lead Enrichment provides impactful data that can change the way your sales team engages potential buyers. Watch our on-demand videos to learn how to leverage Lead Enrichment in your dealership.


Training the Trainer

Lead Enrichment
On-Demand Video:

5-Minute Sales Rep Training

Understand the basics of Lead Enrichment:
  • What this data means
  • How to use these insights
  • Common mistakes to avoid

experience the power of Lead Enrichment with Commercial Truck Trader!