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3 Takeaways from Commercial Truck Trader’s Premium Select Case Study

3 Takeaways from Premium Select Case Study

If you’re not familiar with Commercial Truck Trader’s latest offering, Premium Select, we’ve got you covered. We have reached out to dealers of all sizes and locations who have successfully incorporated this product into their business, and compiled their inspiring success stories into a comprehensive case study. In fact, we had the privilege of speaking with Josh Jasper, General Manager of Jasper Truck Sales, and he generously shared his personal experience and three key takeaways. Learn more about Jasper Truck Sales and how Premium Select has played a crucial role in their success.

Premium Select Case Study Background

Jasper Truck Sales, situated in Fort Wayne, IN, operates with 25 years of experience in the commercial truck industry, offering a diverse selection of inventory including heavy duty trucks, vans, and trailers. Faced with a challenge that is familiar to the Commercial Truck industry, Josh found himself needing to find a way to offload aged inventory that was costing him money while sitting on his lot. These units require a broader reach, which can be tough to achieve in a competitive market. Here’s what they learned:

3 Key Takeaways

  1.   Acting Quickly Can Help You Achieve Success

Josh was faced with the challenge of having to make quick decisions when adding a new advertising solution to his marketing spend due to the current market conditions. Initially, he was hesitant because of the cost of onboarding a new product and the functionality of the enhancement. However, his decision to use Premium Select proved to be an extremely positive one as it resulted in a 44% lift in connections compared to non-Premium Select ads. Not only was Premium Select able to expedite his sales pipeline, but it also allowed him to increase exposure for units that were costing the dealership money.

  1.   Create a Targeted Strategy to Maximize the Benefits of Premium Select Ads

Using Premium Select strategically can make a huge difference when it comes to boosting the visibility of a unit to the top of search results, as was the case with Jasper Truck Sales. Josh considered the highly saturated units in his market and applied enhancements to them to make them stand out more than his competitors. This resulted in 7.5x more search results page impressions than non-Premium Select ads. Josh learned from this experience and was able to be incredibly strategic and efficient with the product moving forward, allowing him to continue seeing great results.

  1. Maximize Results by Reassigning Enhancements

 One of the most advantageous aspects of this product is that it allows dealers to allocate and reassign Premium Select enhancements to the units they prefer to be highlighted at specific times. Josh took full advantage of the flexibility offered by Premium Select by assigning and reassigning Premium Select enhancements to units of his choice. He identified a 10-day time frame that yielded the best results, 69% more vehicle details page views than non-Premium Select ads. Whenever a Premium Select unit was sold and came offline, he quickly reassigned the enhancement to another unit that was popular in his market. 

Jasper Truck Sales’ success with Premium Select is a testament to the power of the product in helping dealerships reach more potential buyers. Not only did they receive more leads, but they also saw an increase in sales for the units that were advertised with Premium Select enhancements. This allowed them to reach their desired sales goals and grow their dealership, proving that Premium Select is a great tool with a variety of benefits.

Want to read the full case study? Check it out here.

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