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Consumer preferences have evolved, and we’re here to make sure you and your dealership evolve, too. In this increasingly digital market, consumers are looking to connect with you not just by phone and email, but with chat. In fact, 42% of customers prefer chat compared to just 23% for email. We’ve made it easy for you to incorporate chat so you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with potential customers.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a feature that is available on your marketplace listings as another option for motivated buyers to connect with you. Aside from “Email” and “Call” options, “Chat” allows the consumer to reach out to you directly and have a real-time conversation with you or a member of your team. Our chat feature is mobile-friendly, so you can connect with buyers on-the-go – ensuring you never miss a message from a serious lead.

Value of Chat

As potential buyers browse your listings on the marketplace, you are there to provide them with the answers and support they need, helping them move down the path to purchase quicker. Live Chat also helps you build trust and strengthen rapport with potential buyers through timely one-on-one conversations, helping to increase your connections all the more. It is crucial that you are able to respond to consumers that reach out in a timely manner, but being available to respond 24/7 can be challenging. If you worry about being able to respond during your closed hours, you can set chat hours that are convenient to your dealership and log in during that time and have the feature unavailable when you’re off.

Value of Chat Beyond the Marketplace

Having a live chat feature on your website is another way to utilize communication preferences and engage with consumers. There are third-party platforms that allow you to build this feature into your site, but we’ll help set up this capability to all of our marketplace and website customers. Use chat to guide an interested consumer through your website and help them navigate their searches. Provide any answers to questions they may have when viewing a unit, and be sure to stay positive and friendly. When a consumer is interested in a specific unit, they can hit “Chat” and begin messaging with you or a team member right away! It’s that simple. When you’re logged into Live Person, you can exchange chats in real-time, from your desktop or on the go. Plus, a copy of all transcripts will be kept in your TraderTraxx so you can continue to manage all of your leads in one place.

Connect With Us Today

We’re here to help ensure the success of you and your dealership. If you have any questions or concerns about how to incorporate chat on your marketplace listings, please reach out to or call (800) 684-6104 to contact our customer service team.


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