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5 Key Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Reps at Your Dealership

5 Key Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Reps at Your Dealership

Overseeing the operation of a dealership requires a great deal of effort, making it difficult to serve every buyer who submits a lead. You can ensure that your business is well-equipped to manage the daily demand of consumers by recruiting the most qualified talent for your sales team. While much of the recruiting process involves vetting resumes, the true qualities of an individual can be more easily seen through a thoroughly conducted interview process. If you’re wondering which essential skills to look for when building a sales team that will drive results, Commercial Truck Trader has you covered. Here are the 5 key traits to look for when hiring at your dealership.

1. Experience

The amount of time a candidate has had within commercial vehicle sales can give you a general idea of how likely they are to succeed as a member of your team. You’ll be able to use this information to learn about their skillset and passion for the profession. You additionally keep in mind that a long history of sales experience does not always equal a good hire, especially if they have frequently changed companies. For instance, a candidate with over 5 years of experience at the same company can indicate a high level of dedication. It’s important that you look for candidates who showcase fulfillment and passion in what they do, as they will be your most passionate workers.

2. Self-Starting Attitude

When leading a team, it’s important to have staff that are self-efficient enough to handle their accountabilities without constant supervision. To discern which candidates are self-starters, make sure you’re paying close attention to candidates who are proactive. Candidates who come prepared with actionable ideas, or provide a track record of generating results, can be a strong determinant of their future success.

3. Referral-Building Skills

An employee’s ability to generate more business for your dealership is one of the most valuable skills to consider when hiring. Try asking questions that could help you gauge the candidate’s ability to create referrals. Scenario-based questions can also be helpful to leverage in this case. How do they approach post-purchase follow ups? What actions do they take to build rapport with customers? These are just a few questions you could ask to learn how skilled they are at building a loyal customer base, but also whether they can nurture. those connections to secure new leads.

4. Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are essential for any employee, which is especially true for anyone working in lead generation and management. The key organizational skills you should be looking for are time management, workload management, strategic planning, among others. You can identify these skills early in your interview process by looking out for certain signs. For example, an organized employee will arrive early and prepared, with any required documentation. Don’t forget to ask the candidate questions to share accomplishments that may indicate their ability to stay on top of their tasks.


5. Communication Skills

Communication is the foundation of sales, so you should prioritize candidates who exhibit excellent listening and speaking skills. So, how can you spot great communication skills during an interview? Look out for candidates who speak concisely, ask questions, and confidently. These attributes can give you a general idea of how successful they will be when interacting with customers. For even more insight into their communication skills, you can try a role-playing exercise or run through scenarios that they may experience on the sales floor.

The overall goal you should set when interviewing is to identify any patterns of behavior that predict sales success. This way, you’re never in a situation where you hire a candidate who seems qualified, but later lacks the key intrinsic traits needed to drive positive results. There are additional things to consider, such as company culture, but the key traits listed above are critical to the success of any dealership.

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