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Spring 2024 Commercial Vehicle Market Report: Key Insights for Dealers and OEMs

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The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) has released the eagerly awaited Spring 2024 edition of the U.S. Commercial Vehicle Market Report, in partnership with Commercial Truck Trader and  S&P Global Mobility. This latest installment dives deep, offering an incisive snapshot of the industry’s current state and shining a light on what the future holds. 

Commercial Vehicle Market Dynamics in 2023 and Beyond

In 2023, commercial vehicle demand rebounded, prompting S&P Global Market Intelligence to revise GDP forecasts upward for 2024 and 2025. Despite supply chain hurdles, order stability persists. Class 4 vehicle growth, fueled by e-commerce, construction, and delivery, remains robust. A slight decline in heavy-duty truck sales for 2024 is expected, offset by a rise in medium-duty vehicle sales. With supply chain issues continuing, market stabilization is anticipated. Additionally, electric vehicle adoption in Class 2 fleets is escalating, notwithstanding registration challenges.

Additionally, the report casts a spotlight on the future prospects of distinct market segments, unveiling critical insights. Here are the essential highlights:

Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

Availability of chassis is subject to fluctuation as workforce shortages extend lead times for vehicle upfitting. This presents a prime opportunity for emerging OEMs to seize market share, particularly in areas where traditional OEMs struggle to meet demand.

Chassis OEMs

Changes to CARB regulations have opened up temporary adaptability options for chassis producers, yet the looming emissions standards set for 2027 present potential challenges. Simultaneously, there’s a notable uptick in electric vehicle registrations and a growing curiosity in deploying hydrogen fuel cells for long-haul journeys.


Difficulties with charging infrastructure may slow the shift to electric vehicles for certain fleets. It’s essential for fleet managers to comprehend the policies and allocation strategies of manufacturers, as these insights are pivotal for making informed planning and purchasing choices.

What’s on the Horizon for the Commercial Vehicle Industry?

The commercial truck sector is pivoting from focusing on chassis improvements to pushing the envelope with technological innovations, which could simplify building processes and highlight the importance of the quality of the entire package. Diving into research on forthcoming emissions standards now can arm manufacturers with the knowledge needed to navigate future regulatory landscapes seamlessly.

As we look ahead, the emissions benchmarks set for 2024 may provide a brief respite, but companies must gear up for the hefty expenditures required to comply with the stringent 2027 emissions guidelines.

Overall, the Spring 2024 Commercial Vehicle Market Report highlights a mix of hurdles and prospects for dealers and OEMs alike. By keeping abreast of the latest market trends, adapting swiftly to changes, and leveraging new technologies, industry players can carve out a path to triumph in a shifting marketplace. Dive deeper into our comprehensive insights by downloading the complimentary report here.

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