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The 5 Biggest Pain Points Consumers Experience When Buying A Work Truck

The 5 Biggest Pain Points Consumers Experience When Buying A Work Truck

It can be frustrating after a customer purchases a new work truck, to later find a negative review on the experience they had working with your dealership. This may lead you to wonder, what went wrong? If they purchased a unit, that would mean they were satisfied with their experience, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. By understanding the pain points truck buyers have during their purchase journey, and working to eliminate those in your sales cycle, you can improve your dealership’s customer-satisfaction rate 

In a recent survey by Commercial Truck Trader, our audience shared the most common pain points that they have experienced in the dealership. To help you create a better buying experience, we’re sharing the top 5 biggest pain points consumers experience when buying a work truck:

1. Cost Of Vehicle

In our research, we found that the cost of the work truck is a major pain point for consumers. With so many tools available for consumers to conduct price comparisons and understand the value, they will often conduct research ahead of submitting a lead. It’s important to address the subject of pricing up front to deliver a better experience for your consumer. You can do this by adding the unit’s exact price in your listing, including any additional fees they may need to pay. Doing this will not only encourage potential buyers to submit a lead, but it will also help you establish trust with your customer base. 

 2. Time Spent Researching

Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to the quick and convenient shopping experience that the digital age has to offer. However; our survey respondents revealed that it can be a hassle to browse multiple pages of units before finding the right truck. To alleviate this challenge, you’ll want to ensure that your listings are easy to find. Consider the details a consumer would be looking for, and then include keywords to highlight these details in your listing’s description.  A good rule of thumb is to add the most important information about the truck, including mileage, category, any up-fits and make and model. A robust listing, especially when combined with powerful advertising, will certainly help consumers find your units more effortlessly.

3. Buying A Truck With Low Maintenance Needs

When shopping for a truck, consumers want to be certain that they are getting the best value for their purchase. Don’t be afraid to list out any details that would make your truck more appealing to consumers. If you’re listing a truck that is used with low mileage, you’ll want to highlight this for any potential buyers. You can also include any maintenance work that has been done previously, so the consumer is aware before buying. Taking the time to share this type of information can help you to avoid any post-purchase dissatisfaction from your customer and maintain your dealership’s credibility among customers.

4. Finding The Right Brand

There are a variety of recognizable brands that offer truck models well-suited for specific vocational tasks, and many consumers are aware of which brands fit their work needs.  Consumers who have already selected the brand they are looking for can help to streamline the sales process. You can make their search much easier by ensuring that you properly categorize the truck, avoiding any confusion and saving valuable time. You can ensure your units stay at the top of the search results page by leveraging Commercial Truck Trader’s most powerful ad enhancement, Premium Select

5. Finding the right unit

There is a lot of consideration that goes into a consumer’s decision to purchase a truck, but ultimately comes down to finding the truck most suitable for their work duties. Our survey revealed that truck buyers have had difficulties in the past finding the exact truck type that has the features they are looking for. The best way to help your buyers avoid this pain point is to train your reps to learn what they are looking for as early as possible. This way, they can make a more accurate recommendation. For even faster results, Commercial Truck Trader offers Lead Enrichment tool that provides data on the “pre-lead” shopping behavior of buyers who have submitted a lead on one of your units. 

Providing excellent customer service benefits your dealership in more ways than one. You’re not only closing more sales, but also working to boost your dealership’s rating and retaining loyal customers for future purchases or trade-ins. As you create a sales strategy and train your teams keep these pain points in mind.. For more sales tips and consumer insights, make sure to check out the helpful articles on

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