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Commercial Truck Trader’s 2023 Year in Review

A Year In Review

As we eagerly anticipate the possibilities that await us in 2024, let’s pause and appreciate the impressive successes that Commercial Truck Trader has accomplished in the past year. Join us as we dive into the significant achievements that have driven our dealer networks’ growth, including new product releases and extensive dealer education opportunities. Here are the top five highlights from 2023.

1. Reached New Heights With Premium Select

In 2023, we unveiled our latest and most advanced ad upgrade – Premium Select. This revolutionary tool provides you with the ultimate advantage in the competitive market by showcasing your units at the very top of search results, surpassing all regular and traditional Premium listings. Our marketplace has experienced a remarkable increase in dealer success, thanks to the incredible impact of Premium Select. Premium Select ads have generated 15x more vehicle detail page views than standard ads and an impressive 3x more than traditional Premium ads. Experience the incredible results firsthand as real dealers share their testimonials.

2. Unveiled Exclusive Consumer Insights in Consumer Trends Report

Consumer behavior is always changing, and it’s essential to assess the trends that impact their actions. To keep our dealers ahead and understand their consumer base, we introduced the 2023 Consumer Trends Report. This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into today’s buyers, including demographics, purchasing behavior, and their overall journey. It also highlighted trusted digital tools, top brands and categories, and untapped market growth opportunities. Check out the key marketing takeaways from the report in this blog!

3. Enhanced Email Program with More Lead Follow-Ups

Email has become the reigning champion of communication methods for consumers, as our latest surveys from 2023 reveal that 77.3% of buyers prefer digital channels. To help dealers make the most of this trend, we introduced price drop emails that enable dealers to showcase units with recent price reductions in up to four automated post-lead emails. We also updated Email Lead Amplifier to send six automated follow-up emails to buyers who submit leads on units, a significant increase from the previous four, ultimately providing more value for dealers.

4. Unmatched Brand Visibility on Commercial Truck Trader

In 2023, Trader Interactive’s portfolio of brands, including Commercial Truck Trader, achieved impressive results with over 160 individual press pickups, reaching an audience of over 1 Billion unique visitors per month. This incredible success had a positive impact on dealers advertising on Commercial Truck Trader, as it drove a significant increase in traffic to our marketplaces, giving consumers the opportunity to explore the wide range of dealer inventory available on our site.

5. Unparalleled Leads and Connections

Dealers had an amazing year engaging with buyers on Commercial Truck Trader, racking up an average of 133k leads and connections every single month. Our continuous product innovation, which includes updates to our sales platform TraderTraxx, armed dealers with lead generation tools, sales insights, and data to keep those leads rolling in.

We are thrilled to carry forward the momentum into 2024, with an array of new opportunities for dealers to achieve success on Commercial Truck Trader. Stay well-informed about the latest dealer education and sales tools by visiting our blog.


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